Asphalt Placement and Overlays

Orlando Asphalt Paving ContractorAs one of the leading asphalt paving contractors in the Miami and Orlando areas, we are well equipped to handle your paving project.

Our experienced team of project managers and superintendents utilize our fleet of asphalt spreaders, rollers, dump trucks, and milling machines to complete your custom paving project including:

  • Shopping Centers
  • Office Buildings and Warehouses
  • Manufacturing and Transportation Facilities
  • Health Care Facilities and Hospitals
  • Apartment Complexes and Condominium Associations
  • Schools, Parks and Religious Facilities

Asphalt paving is an economical and long-lasting method of preserving your parking lot.   AND asphalt pavement surfaces are 100% recyclable.

Sealcoating and Line Marking

Asphalt is a big part of your property’s investment. Consequently, we stress sealcoating of your pavement and protecting your investment!

Sealcoating helps protect the surface of your pavement from weathering factors such as oxidation from the sun, damage from petroleum products such as gasoline and oil, and helps prevent intrusion of moisture caused by rain. . All of these things deteriorate asphalt and greatly diminish its beauty and life.

AAA Asphalt Maintenance will design a preventative maintenance plan and advise you on how often we suggest you sealcoat your pavement for adequate protection. By sealcoating routinely when needed, you save thousands of dollars in repairs and resurfacing costs.

Asphalt Line & Pavement Markings

We can satisfy any of your asphalt striping needs in the greater Miami and Orlando areas.

Whether you are looking for a new layout, ADA compliance upgrade requirements, car stop stenciling, or traffic markings such as arrows and stop bars, you’ve come to the right place. We use only state of the art airless striping equipment to ensure clean, crisp, straight lines at the proper application rate for your asphalt surface.


Concrete Sidewalk Construction & Curbing

In addition to paving services, AAA Asphalt Maintenance offers a wide variety of concrete services including:

  • Installation of Concrete and ADA compliant ramps
  • Concrete curbing for landscape planters
  • Sidewalk installation and repairs
  • Concrete car stops and parking bumpers

Call us today for any of your concrete parking lot needs.


Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Is it time to update your parking lot or community roadways? Not sure exactly what your parking lot needs? Have you analyzed your parking lot for the new ADA handicap requirements?

We can help.

AAA Asphalt Maintenance handles all types of parking area maintenance including:

  • Replacing broken or missing car stops and car bumpers
  • Fixing pot holes
  • Straightening signs
  • Re-striping faded parking lot stall lines


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